Dictation and Speech Recognition Taking the pressure off time-strapped healthcare organisations

From automated processes to streamlined correspondence creation, our healthcare solutions tackle key challenges in the UK healthcare market. We help clinicians be more productive while still delivering high-quality care, so they can focus on what matters most: helping patients. Our solution enables accurate dictation that is fast to complete. Staff can record simply by using their voice via desktop, mobile or tablet, and easily share, prioritise and track files. We are the only provider to be compliant with the NHS clinical safety standard DCB0129, which means that our solutions are safe and secure. We are also included in the SBS Framework, which means that our solutions are eligible for government funding.

The Big Benefits

  • Efficiently eliminate time-consuming administrative tasks
  • Reduce your team's administrative backlog efficiently
  • Dictate effortlessly on the move with your smartphone
  • Reach 99% accuracy in automated transcription of dictations
  • Deliver patient care within allocated budgets and timescales through automated workflows

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Quickly Streamline Your Communications

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BigHand Clinical Correspondence

BigHand is a unique platform that allows trusts and healthcare providers to automate medical notes and tasks, and streamline clinical correspondence processes. By combining Clinic Lists, Document Approvals, clinician mobility apps, intelligent workflow, and Document Export technology, BigHand's platform allows clinicians and administrative staff to work together more easily. This can lead to improved operational efficiency, reduced overhead costs, and the delivery of high-quality correspondence rapidly.

Mobile Phone Dictation Healthcare
BigHand Dictate

BigHand Dictate is a simple, straightforward, and powerful dictation tool that allows you to use your resources more effectively, streamline your processes, and spend more time on core work.

Healthcare staff can record on a variety of devices (desktop, mobile and tablet) and easily share, prioritise and track their voice files all thanks to our industry-leading technology. Critically the workflow element means work is distributed and actioned in the optimum way. This can help you to improve efficiency and productivity, and ultimately deliver better patient care.

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BigHand Speech Recognition powered by Nuance DMO

With BigHand Speech Recognition, clinical staff can become increasingly self-sufficient. Our speech recognition software transcribes recordings in seconds, saving healthcare professionals hours of administration. This means that they can move onto more patient-related tasks, such as providing care and making decisions.

Utilising Nuance’s Dragon Medical One solution either via BigHand or as a direct real time solution you can gain the No1 Best in Klas AI powered solution. Available 24/7 so you can work anytime and from anywhere, the tool helps you use your resources more effectively, freeing up teams to focus on higher value tasks.

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Outsourced Transcription

BigHand outsource transcription gateway enables an alternative approach to adding direct staffing capacity to your organisation. We offer a range of transcription services, from full transcription to speech recognition aided proof and edit services. We work with a range of partners to offer you the very best option for your trust.

Key Features:

Secure and patient-centric

Put your patients’ safety first with industry-leading security measures,  while remaining easily accessible from anywhere your clinical staff need to be.

Efficient and effective

Save valuable time by streamlining processes, reduced administration and improved turnaround times.

Fully compliant

Data is protected with the highest levels of security and all major standards, such as ISO27001. 

Seamless Data Transfer

Transfer of patient data across outpatient departments, ensuring that information is shared between NHS areas within strict structured templates.

Improves operational efficiency

Reduce overhead and remove unnecessary spend within your organisation.

Flexible and scalable

Designed and developed with input and insight from those who have previously worked in healthcare.

Streamline workflows

Eliminate hours of unnecessary admin by streamlining your clinical documentation process, reducing backlog, and saving valuable time for your healthcare professionals.

Dictate on the Go

Automatically transcribes dictations with 99% accuracy, so you can dictate on the go using your smartphone. Quickly capture voice notes and seamlessly integrate them into the digital workflow stream.

Face Your Challenges Head on with BigHand for Healthcare

Optimise time-consuming transcription

Quality clinical documentation can be dangerously time consuming. BigHand combines dictation, speech recognition, and transcription to ensure structured, secure data is captured from your clinicians, fast.

Using inbuilt Natural Language Understanding technology allows staff can record on a variety of devices (desktop, mobile, tablet) and easily share, prioritise and track their voice files.

Streamline Clinical Correspondence

Improve operational efficiency and reduce overhead costs by enabling clinicians and administrative staff to work together more easily.

BigHand's solutions help you get the right information to the right people, fast, by automating processes and streamlining workflows.

Stay Productive on the Move

Empower your healthcare professionals to be productive anywhere with BigHand Go. Featuring a range of mobility applications, BigHand Go enables digital dictation, speech recognition and workflow technology, all via smartphone or tablet – offering all the information required for assistants to quickly pick up and process.

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