Empower your teams to achieve more, with powerful technology
Want to make smarter, more informed financial decisions? Need to drive more from your time-pressed support staff? Keen to gain stronger business insights?

With the right support, you can achieve professional productivity at all levels of your organisation, and stay competitive. Trusted by some of the world’s top law, healthcare, property and finance organisations, BigHand delivers the solutions that help you achieve operational excellence, cut down on wasteful expenditure, and deliver rapid ROI.
We provide the solutions you need to tackle your challenges
Achieve operational excellence

Through effective delegation, intuitive systems, and analysing your company’s financial and operational performance to make real-time business decisions, your workforce can become faster and more efficient.

Optimise your support services

When you can track your teams, you can gain more visibility into your workflows, make informed, valuable business decisions, and make the most of your people’s valuable time.

Plan and price competitively

It’s imperative for financially-driven organisations to plan and price work accurately and competitively. Use past and present data to create and track matter budgets and pricing transactions, to make more informed financial decisions.

Access your financial data in real-time with advanced BI

Imagine if all the financial data your firm collected could be transformed into relevant, actionable intelligence– your teams would reap the benefits of improved profitability, cashflow and reduced lock-up.

Simplify document creation and formatting processes

Too much time and revenue is wasted making sure documents are formatted correctly – this can be achieved quickly and effectively with valuable add-ons to your Microsoft suite, making timely formatting a thing of the past.

Improve patient care with rapid clinic letters to GPs

Empower your teams to streamline correspondence and deliver efficient, rapid transfer of care between clinical departments and GP practices, while remaining fully compliant and secure, even on the move.

Enable agile and remote working

Your professionals don’t have to be in the office to work and delegate effectively – they can dictate and submit tasks on the go and assign them straight to the support team who can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Reduce transcription costs and efforts

Too often, staff waste time and resource on manual admin when they could be focused on vital work – by relying on digital dictation and speech recognition software with 99% accuracy, you’re not only saving time but saving money too.

Prepare the perfect pitch

In today’s increasingly competitive market, give your marketing teams the ability to quickly build brand-compliant tenders and pitch documentation that give you an edge.