Dictation and Speech Recognition Digital dictation, speech recognition and workflow software

Boost productivity and profitability by empowering your teams to spend less time transcribing, and more time on higher-priority work. Enable accurate dictation that’s not only fast to complete, but incredibly straightforward to manage with configurable workflows. Staff can record simply using their voice via desktop, mobile or tablet, and easily share, prioritise and track files.

The Big Benefits

  • Eliminate hours of unnecessary admin
  • Dictate on the go using your smartphone
  • Move dictations into a digital workflow
  • Set due dates and priority, check progress
  • Automatically transcribe dictations with 99% accuracy

Dictation and Speech Recognition are now part of BigHand Workflow

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BigHand Workflow

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See BigHand Dictation in action

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Key Features

On-the-Go Dictation

Dictate and transcribe on the go for support staff to pick up from the digital workstream and action.

Due Date and Priority Settings

Specify when works needs to be completed by and set priorities.

Speech Recognition

Automatically convert voice into text, so staff can create whole documents just by using their voice. Our industry-leading software builds up a speech profile for each user's voice, with 99% accuracy.

Mobile Apps

Empower your busy professionals with a fully-featured digital application for all mobile platforms, including iPhone, iPad, and Windows devices.

Work Sharing

See a clear digital audit trail of all dictations and transcriptions, as well as the ability for everyone to see completion status at any given time.

Workflow Management & Reporting

There's a lot more to BigHand Dictation and Speech Recognition now that they're part of BigHand Workflow

BigHand for Healthcare

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BigHand for Healthcare

From automated processes to streamlined correspondence creation, our solutions tackle some key challenges for the UK healthcare market. At BigHand, we’ve been working with healthcare organisations for years, gaining a deep understanding of the unique challenges you face.

BigHand for Healthcare

Digital Dictation for SMEs

Bighand Free Trial Digital Dictation

Digital Dictation for SMEs

Speed up document production, boost productivity, and free up your teams with our cost-effective, easily set up solutions with BigHand for SMEs.

BigHand for SMEs

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