Product Video: BigHand Metadata Management

Video Transcript: 

Law firms face metadata risk every day, and the business implications can be vast.

Hidden metadata is generated when files are created, opened, edited, or printed. This is true when working with any file in Microsoft Office, a PDF application, and even in audio and video files. This metadata can cause law firms to leak undesired information to clients or opposing counsel which can put them at serious risk.

It also applies to emails where users can unintentionally send documents with content that needs to be redacted, to the incorrect recipient.

Law firms need easy to use tools that safeguard staff against the accidental disclosure of metadata.

BigHand Metadata Management is a must-have file cleaning tool for all law firms. The solution allows users to cleanse Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and media files at any stage of the process. You can automate metadata removal, configure varying levels of metadata cleaning, and protect staff from unintentional confidentiality breaches and the business impacts they can cause.

A convenient banner notification in Outlook tells users when cleanable files are detected. Administrators have the choice to enforce metadata removal or allow users to skip the process.

It’s easy to scrub files from within Microsoft Office and Windows as well as your Document Management System.

Remove metadata from many files at one time with batch cleaning, as well as converting files to a secure PDF.

You have full control and configuration over what metadata to remove including how to handle Tracked Changes and Comments.

The solution prevents accidental disclosure of emails to unintended recipients by prompting the user when they attempt to Reply All, Forward, send to external recipients or use specific terms in a Subject line.

Ensure self-service administration with the ability to deploy settings centrally, and to also control which email notification prompts are received, and the behaviour of them.

Users can redact text to obscure parts of the legal document that should not be seen by the recipient, while preserving the original file.

Flexible search options allow users to quickly identify terms and patterns to redact.

It’s easy to save your list of search terms and patterns to quickly reuse later, and to generate detailed reports of file names and redacted terms for future reference.

You can also redact multiple documents at one time with batch redaction from our standalone application.

The solution is highly flexible and configurable to cater to every firm’s needs.

Implementation and training are simple, fast, and transparent with seamless integration with the Microsoft Office suite.

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