Hughes Amys Tabs BigHand Metadata Management tools for Microsoft Office upgrade

Canadian-based insurance litigation firm, Hughes Amys LLP, has replaced an outdated metadata solution with BigHand Metadata Management following a firm-wide Microsoft Office upgrade.

CHICAGO, IL - Hughes Amys, a firm listed in the Canadian Lawyer “Top 10 Insurance Defense Boutiques” for 2017/18, has used third-party metadata technology to manage their document metadata for years. Sean Farrell, the firm’s Network Administrator comments: “Managing our clients’ document metadata is of the utmost importance to ensure integrity of data and confidentiality. It’s also important, as one of Canada’s leading Insurance law firms, that we safeguard the firm’s reputation. When we learned that our previous metadata solution wasn’t compatible with Microsoft Office 2013 or later, we started looking for an alternative before completing the upgrade.”

During the selection process, Hughes Amys analyzed three different metadata management solutions. Sean comments: “It quickly became apparent that BigHand Metadata Management was the best fit for our firm. It does everything that our old software did, and more, and has the significant advantage of working much faster.”

The roll-out of BigHand Metadata Management to 115 of Hughes Amys’ lawyers and support staff took only 2 weeks to complete. Sean adds, “I was pleased with how simple the BigHand install was. I refer to it as a “fire and forget” roll-out because once the users were set up and trained, we didn’t experience any issues at all.

About BigHand Metadata Management

BigHand Metadata Management is a legal document cleaning tool that allows law firms to cleanse Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, at any stage of the process. Users can automate metadata removal, configure varying levels of metadata management, and protect staff from unwitting confidentiality breaches and the business impacts they can cause.

BigHand Metadata Management